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Our Partnership

The Arizona End of Life Care Partnership (EOLCP), anchored at United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona, was the largest funded end-of-life community-based partnership of its kind in the United States. Our Partners spanned healthcare, legal and social services, with a strong emphasis on diverse communities, and cultural and religious traditions.

We provided education, resources, services, and support to people of all ages in our community, helping them to navigate the challenging issues of serious illness, death, and dying. This Partnership’s collaborative approach ensures that everyone in our community receives the support and resources they need, regardless of which of our doors they enter.

Our Goal

Our goal was to normalize conversations about death in our community. Even before the pandemic, 75% of people in our community indicated that it was important to discuss their end-of-life care wishes with family and loved ones. However, only 53% stated that they actually discussed death and dying with anyone. COVID-19 has sky-rocketed these issues to the forefront of our minds. Planning for end of life can no longer be postponed or ignored. Our goal was to promote Advance Care Planning in our community, which significantly reduces healthcare costs, brings peace of mind for the individual, and reduces burden for healthcare providers, family, and loved ones.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to enhance the way we live by fundamentally changing the way we talk about death.

Our vision is to ensure people in our community receive the care they desire at the end of life (aka goal-concordant care).