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End of Life Care Planning


Where to Start

End-of-life care planning can be confusing, so we’ve created a helpful guide to all the documents you’ll need in the State of Arizona to complete your plans. We’ve also added some helpful resources for having the conversation with loved ones, as well as legal resources.

Arizona Healthcare Directives Registry

Once you have completed your advance care plans, you can upload them to the Arizona Healthcare Directives Registry. This will enable healthcare professionals to access your wishes when they are needed.

Arizona Healthcare Directives Registry

End of Life Care Planning

Online Resources

Conversations About Death and Dying

Many resources provide tools to start a conversation about advance care planning with loved ones and help guide your own decision making:

End-of-Life Care Planning (Advance Directives)

Personalized Assistance for End-of-Life Care Planning

Our community partners provide personalized assistance with end-of-life care planning, including cultural, religious, and LGBTQ+ considerations, as well as legal assistance:

Bereavement Resources

Our community partners provide resources and services for bereavement and grief counseling: